About the Company

Channels, including Videoland Sports Channel, Videoland Japanese Channel, Videoland Movie Channel, Videoland ON-TV Channel, Videoland Drama Channel, Videoland Max-TV Channel and Videoland Roar Channel. By corporate functions, Videoland Television Network is divided into Division of Operation Management and Division of Administration Management. Division of Operation Management includes 5 departments and 2 units, they are Engineering Department, Programming Department, Sales Department, Marketing Department, Legal Affairs Unit and Authorization Unit. Division of Administration Management is combined by 4 departments, Finance Department, Accounting Department, General Affairs Department and Human Resources Department. All the commercial advertising businesses under the Network are run by the Sales Department.

History of Videoland Network

1982 Initiation of Videoland Inc. in February.
1995 Obtained broadcasting rights for Chinese Professional Baseball League for the duration of 8th ¡V 10th seasons
1996 Initiation of Videoland Television Network, which features various channels such as Movie Channel, Japanese Channel and so forth.
1997 Launch of Videoland Sports Channel
1998 Initiation of Videoland Sports News Division to provide professional sports coverage as the pioneering sports news channel in Taiwan.
1999 Acquired the GIO¡¦s satellite TV broadcasting licenses for Videoland Sports Channel, Videoland Japanese Channel and ON-TV.
2001 ON-TV transformed into a variety entertainment channel that features original TV programs produced by Videoland Television Network. Videoland Television Network certified to 2000 ISO9001 standards. In July, the Ta-ti Channel was incorporated into the Videoland channel line-up and renamed as the Viedoland Drama Channel. Videoland Japanese Channel collaborated with Fuji-TV and received exclusive rights to broadcast several highly popular Japanese trendy dramas.
2004 Initiation of Videoland Western Movie Channel. A new era began for the Videoland Movie Channel with the channel¡¦s first independent production of digital movie, titled ¡§Bodyguard for a Corpse¡¨.
2005 Videoland Western Movie Channel was renamed to Videoland Max-TV Channel.
2008 Acquired NCC¡¦s HD digital channel & satellite TV broadcasting license.
2010 Videoland Japanese Channel started a new undertaking in August, to run the latest Japanese dramas on Saturday prime-time, synchronously with Japanese television stations.
Broadcasted the 16th Asian Games Guangzhou in November.
2011 Broadcasted the 1st IBAF (Little League World Series)
2012 The in-house TV movie “My Wife” and promotional commercial “Thanks to my forefathers” were nominated 12 categories of the Golden Bell Award, and won 6 awards.
2013 The live broadcast of World Baseball Classic series “Taiwan vs. Japan” met an incredible viewer rating 15.47%, was the highest record in Taiwanese television history ever. The broadcast of “NAOKI HANZAWA” ignited a popular topic in Taiwan, and hit the highest viewer record since the start of Japanese Channel.
2014 The 2014 Taiwan production of ¡§Zone Pro Site¡¨ also reached a high viewer rating of 6.20%, breaking the viewer record of Movie Channel on TV.

Videoland Sports Channel

Genre of Programs: Professional Sports News, Sports Events Broadcasts.

1996 Videoland Sports Channel acquired the exclusive broadcasting rights to Chinese Professional Baseball League for the duration of 8th ¡V 10th seasons and built the image of the only professional sports channel in Taiwan.
1997 Videoland Sports Channel¡¦s telecast of the IBA World Youth Baseball Championship outranked all other sports programs broadcasted in Taiwan.
1998 Videoland Sports News was launched in February and marked the birth of a sports channel that is professional, real time and highly entertainment value.
2000 The broadcast of NBA (National Basketball Association) games started in January, and after a decade, Videoland Sports Channel has now established the leading edge in the domain of NBA games.
2003 Videoland Sports Channel obtained exclusive cable broadcasting rights to the Asian Baseball Championship, setting an incredible viewer rating 8%. (according to AGB Nielsen)
2010 The 5 branch channels collaborated and aired the 16th Asian Games Guangzhou in November. About 40 kinds of sports games were live broadcasted in non-stop 462 hours, reveal the shinning moments of Taiwanese athletes and created the unprecedented record in domestic TV history.
2011 Videoland Sports Channel broadcasted the first IBAF 12U Baseball World Championship held in Taiwan, taking down the moment of glory when Taiwanese boys got the champion and also creating the records for both rating and reviews.
2012 High-definition broadcast was successfully applied to all programs and provided the viewers with better experiences. The additional use of high-speed cameras and slow motion processing equipment elevated the broadcasts of domestic sports events to world-class.
2013 The live broadcast of WBC (World Baseball Classic) series in March, brought the most incredible plays of Taiwan baseball team to the fans. The matches and set miraculously high rating 12.17% and 15.47% (according to AGB Nielsen), Videoland Sports Channel successfully maintains its domination among other sports channels.

Currently,Videoland Sports Channel primary broadcasts includes the CPBL games, WBC Events, NBA games, French Open games, Amway eSpring Women¡¦s World 9-Ball Open, William Jones Cup International Tournament, HBL games, UBA games, Professional Billiard Championship and so forth. In addition, Videoland Sports Channel, which has the most professional and dedicated news team in Taiwan, also hosts a number of its in-house programs. The channel provides news and updates of both domestic and international sports events, and interviews with sports stars. ¡§Baseball Weekly¡¨ has become an essential program for domestic baseball fans: it provides information of domestic and overseas baseball games, updates on players from Taiwan senior league, amateur adult league and professional league, and follow-up reports of overseas players. ¡§The Legend of Baseball¡¨ features all the exciting moments and valuable highlights among Taiwan baseball history, and brings back viewers¡¦ passion for baseball games.

Videoland Japanese Channel

Genre of programs: Simultaneous Japanese Dramas, Variety Shows.

Videoland Japanese Channel is an epitome of market differentiation in the domain of domestic cable TV services. It is also credited for introducing Japanese pop culture and informational updates into Taiwanese society, igniting the boom of Japanese dramas and Japanophilia. In recent years, Videoland Japanese Channel initiated to run the latest season of Japanese TV series synchronously with Japanese TV stations. As a result, it has become the most popular and exclusive Japanese channel in Taiwan.

Videoland Japanese Channel strives to remain on good terms with various Japanese TV stations. By doing so, the channel has introduced numerous quality Japanese dramas such as ¡§NAOKI HANZAWA¡¨,¡¨ Legal High!! 2¡¨,¡§PRICELESS¡¨, ¡§Doctor X¡¨, ¡§The After-Dinner Mysteries¡¨, ¡§HOTARU NO HIKARI¡¨, ¡§Antarctica¡¨, ¡§Nodame¡¨, ¡§Gokusen¡¨, ¡§The Great White Tower¡¨, and so forth. Furthermore, in August 2010, Videoland Japanese Channel initiated to offer the hottest Japanese dramas on Saturday prime-time while synchronizing with Japanese TV stations for viewers to enjoy a simultaneous experience. Such shows include ¡§JIN-FINAL¡¨, ¡§I¡¦m Mita, Your Housekeeper¡¨, ¡§Rich Man, Poor Woman¡¨, ¡§Galileo 2¡¨, ¡§Power Office Girl 2013¡¨, and ¡§IRYU 4 -Team Medical Dragon¡¨. Videoland Japanese Channel aired the NHK Taiga drama ¡§Atsuhime¡¨ . The series encourages the good will of people, pushes forward, and brings positivity to the whole society. Later dramas include ¡§Heart of a Samurai¡¨, ¡§Ryomaden¡¨, ¡§My Husband is a Cartoonist¡¨, ¡§Carnation¡¨, and ¡§Ama-chan¡¨¡Xall have created the hottest topics in Taiwan shortly after its broadcasting.

With regards to variety shows, Videoland Japanese Channel has been broadcasting the renowned variety show ¡§Dotchi No Ryori Show¡¨ which has led to a Japanese gourmet trend in Taiwan. Other quality variety shows such as ¡§BIGEATER¡¨,¡§Daikazoku¡¨, ¡§Guy Who Bet on Tuna¡¨, ¡§London Hearts¡¨, ¡§KANJANI no SHIWAKE¡¨, ¡§Hoko¡ÑTate¡¨, ¡§VS ARASHI¡¨, ¡§Run for Money¡¨, ¡§Miracle Change¡¨ and ¡§Dream House¡¨, has become a pioneer in leading domestic TV programs to change the orientation of domestic variety programs.

The recent daily syndication ¡§Knowledge is Power¡¨ shares with Taiwanese viewers all kinds of the latest information from Japan. With hot topics such as creative inventions, new-fashioned gourmets, and business opportunities, the program not only provides viewing pleasure, but also enhances business competitiveness of Taiwan society.

Videoland Movie Channel

Genre of programs: Asian High Graded Motion Pictures and International Award-Winning Masterpieces.

Videoland Movie Channel, the first domestic movie channel in Taiwan, takes pride in its richly diversified movie collection of 1,000 motion pictures. The channel airs around 250 films per month, including the latest blockbusters with promising casts of stars and award winning directors from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Thailand and India.

In particular, Videoland Movie Channel is the only local movie channel that has the ability to create in-house productions¡Xcurrently, it has finished 45 HD digital TV movies. In order to meet the digital era, Videoland Movie Channel began in 2004 to produce independent digital TV-Film projects. In 2006, the channel received the GIO¡¦s subsidy for high definition TV programs for ¡§The Incredible Kung Fu Kid¡¨. Since 2011, Videoland Movie Channel has collaborated with National Immigration Agency and Khan Entertainment to co-produce ¡§My Wife¡¨. The TV series, which centers around new Taiwan immigrants, features 4 films and won 5 Golden Bell Awards including ¡§Best Mini TV / Motion Picture Series¡¨. Furthermore, with the intention to carry social responsibilities and humanistic concerns, Videoland Movie Channel stepped up its production skills in 2013 by creating ¡§A Complete Life¡¨ and the trilogy of ¡§My Dad¡¨ (¡§My Poor Dad¡¨, ¡§My Rich Dad¡¨ and ¡§My Dad is a Superstar¡¨). Because of the touching subjects, these films received not only excellent rating but also overwhelming positive feedback from the audience.

In recent years, Videoland Movie Channel has been aiming for Asian box-office hits. These films include: popular Hong Kong movies like ¡§A Simple Life¡¨, big hits from Japanese cinema such as ¡§Departures¡¨, ¡§A Ghost of A Chance¡¨, ¡§Thermae Romae¡¨; Korean films including ¡§Tsunami¡¨ and ¡§The Man from Nowhere¡¨; Chinese blockbusters like ¡§Lost on Journey¡¨, ¡§Finding Mr. Right / Anchoring in Seattle¡¨ and popular movies from Singapore, Thailand and India such as ¡§3 Idiots¡¨, ¡§Where Got Ghost¡¨, ¡§The Billionaire¡¨. The channel has expanded viewership by providing various kinds of movie options. Recently, Videoland Movie Channel has dedicated support for the local film industry by broadcasting Taiwanese films such as ¡§Jump Ashin!¡¨, ¡§LOVE¡¨, ¡§Zone Pro Site¡¨, ¡§Sweet Alibis¡¨ and ¡§Touch of the Light¡¨...etc. Especially, ¡§Zone Pro Site¡¨ succeeded in the box office, critical film reviews, and satisfactory viewership. To satisfy an audience of different ages and preferences, Videoland Movie Channel has also broadcasted over 60 international award-winning masterpieces. Such films include ¡§A Separation¡¨ which was aired in 2012 as part of the ¡§Videoland International Film Festival¡¨.

Videoland Movie Channel strives to ¡§let the nationals see our own movies, and let the world sees Taiwan¡¨. In the near future, Videoland Movie Channel will continue pursuing both business entertainment and historical humanitarian efforts. Videoland Movie Channel firmly believes to not only provide entertaining programs, but also carry the media¡¦s responsibilities of enlightening our society.

Videoland ON-TV Channel

Genre of programs: Variety Entertainment Shows, Talk Shows and Chinese Dramas.

In 2005, ON-TV Channel launched its first in-house humanistic care program called ¡§Railway Traveler¡¨, which presents the historical stories of domestic railways and trains. The program was later selected by the Broadcasting Development Foundation as an outstanding program, and nominated for a Golden Bell Award.

In 2006, ON-TV Channel intended to focus on diverse cultural issues by producing a number of programs such as “Ping-Ping Show”, a talk show that centers on caring for women after divorce, and “Taiwan Ecology Blog”, a journey that allows viewers to explore the rare endemic species of plants and animals on the verge of extinction.

In 2009, ON-TV produced diverse in-house shows like ¡§Blast From The Past¡¨, ¡§Culture Shock¡¨ and ¡§Hit and Run¡¨, ¡§Blast From The Past¡¨ takes viewers to look back at the most classic and memorable variety shows of the 80¡¦s aired in Taiwan. Through the humorous interaction between the domestic celebrities and foreign guests, ¡§Culture Shock¡¨ aims to present the cultural differences between the east and the west. As a game show, ¡§Hit and Run¡¨ comes from Taiwan¡¦s most popular sport¡Xbaseball. Created with the intention of showing support to our nation¡¦s favorite sport, the show invites viewers to join and participate in the contest.

Started in 2010, the show ¡§Kid¡¦s Busy¡¨, brings families closer by providing a platform for parent-child interaction. The inference game show, ¡§Keep An Eye On Killer¡¨ allows viewers to enjoy the amusing interaction of game participants solving puzzles.

Started in 2011, ¡§Oh! My Mom¡¨ discusses sharp and all-inclusive topics. Along with knowledgeable specialists, host Tuo Zong Kang leads the audience into an unknown world. Hosted by Matilda Tao and other female guests, ¡§Women Talk Things Heart to Heart¡¨ chats about fashion and social issues with the audience. As a renowned television producer, and an intelligent, but warm-hearted interviewer, Wang Wei-Zhong hosts ¡§Wang¡¦s Family¡¨. He discusses with politicians, enterprises, and celebrities about issues regarding social affairs, intimate relationships, and even updated art information. ¡§All About Feng Shui¡¨ Referring to the concept of Feng Shui derived from Chinese culture, the show offers important know-how information to improve living environment.

In 2012, new broadcasted programs have included popular stars and hosts such as Xiao Zhen, Pei Zhen and the comedian group Plungon respectively. ¡§LOL Modern Family¡¨ humorously reflects real family life while ¡§All you Can Play¡¨ reignites the comedy boom in Taiwan by having Plungon, and other comedians, act as co-hosts.

In autumn 2013, a new series of Mainland Chinese modern/romantic dramas began airing, starring all the biggest stars from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The first one is called ¡§Men¡¨ In the later season, more dramas will be aired like ¡§Love Is Not For Sale¡¨, ¡§Can't Help Falling In Love With You¡¨, ¡§The Sweet Burden¡¨, ¡§All For You¡¨, and ¡§Child¡¦s Slave¡¨.

In 2014,With special host James Zheng, the winning host of Gold Bell, and co-host Amanda Wu, the show titled “Easy Recipes to Stay Healthy” advocates viewers to maintain good health by revealing true stories of frequent unhealthy ingredients in food. Political critic Sisy Chen hosts Sisy’s Sofa Music. The interviews conducted in the show include life stories from many musicians and artists, such as Sodagreen, Cheer Chen, Crowd Lu and Jacky Wu. “Things Which Start With the Star” features Tuo Zong Kang and constellation experts who discusses how stars influences people and their decisions.

Videoland Drama Channel

Genre of Programs: Dramas Exclusively.

Starting from 2002, Videoland Drama Channel has been focusing on the management of Korean dramas, Mainland Chinese and domestic dramas. Apart from the classic Korean idol dramas like ¡§All About Eve¡¨ and ¡§Hotelier¡¨, Videoland Drama Channel takes a bold step to broadcast Korean costume dramas as seen in the much sensational and much discussed ¡§Last Empress¡¨. Not surprisingly, popular Korean dramas such as ¡§Oh! Feel Young¡¨, ¡§Save the Last Dance for Me¡¨, and ¡§Love Story at Harvard¡¨ set unprecedented rating records and elevated Videoland Drama Channel to be the top leader among all cable TV channels for Korean dramas broadcasted in Taiwan.

2008 marked another successful year for Videoland Drama Channel through hit shows such as ¡§Coffee Prince¡¨, ¡§My Husband¡¦s Woman¡¨ and ¡§Love and Hatred¡¨. Despite competition with other channels airing Korean dramas, Videoland Drama has come in on top according to viewer ratings.

Videoland Drama Channel took another leap forward by launching specifically selected Korean variety programs. These shows have all received positive response, especially among younger viewers. These include: ¡§We Got Married¡¨, ¡§Star King¡¨, ¡§Family Outing¡§, ¡§One Night and 2 Days¡¨ and ¡§Happy Together¡¨.

Through years of effort in its broadcasts, Videoland continued to aim for a higher goal in 2012 by bringing the most hot and much discussed dramas to greater China. Seen in ¡§Legend of Zhen Huan¡¨, which stars famous actors Betty Sun, Ada Tsai and Vanessa Liu, viewer rating has reached the highest of 2.81%. Igniting the ¡§Zhen Huan¡¨ boom of classic dialogues and scenes. In addition, the finest selection of Thailand dramas such as ¡§Glass and Diamond¡¦s War¡¨, ¡§Asoke Tree¡¨ and ¡§Love Follows Us¡¨ also received numerous followers. Put simply, diverse broadcasts means more options for the audience.

In 2012, the recently broadcasted Korean dramas are also vastly popular among Taiwanese viewers. Because of its freshly urban tone and personable charisma of lead actor Jang Dong Gun, ¡§A Gentleman¡¦s Dignity¡¨ has become an instant sensation within female viewers around the age of 30. Another popular drama titled ¡§My Husband Got a Family¡¨ tells a bittersweet story of a relationship between a daughter and her mother in law, and received strong feedback from married couples. Other popular dramas like ¡§Ice Adonis¡¨, which tells a story about revenge, also set a high record of review rating.

In 2013, Famous Korean pop idols have satisfied romantic fantasies of younger reviewers as seen in ¡§Sungkyunkwan Scandal¡¨, ¡§I Do I Do¡¨, ¡§The King 2 Hearts¡¨, ¡§Full House Take 2¡¨, ¡¨ Cheongdam-dong Alice¡¨ and ¡§Goddess of Fire¡¨.

Since 2014, Videoland Drama Channel has continued to offer a wider selection of diversified dramas in order to meet viewers’ satisfaction and demand. The dramas, such as “100 Year's Legacy”, “The Love Successors”, and “Await for Happiness” talk about kinship and romance. All of these dramas allow the audience to live thru dramas actors they love, such as Jen Liou and Tsong-Yu Pei .

In 2014, Videoland Drama Channel is the first media to broadcast the most popular Korean drama, “My Love from the Star” which casting of both main actor and actress, Yun-Shien Chung and Show-Shien Kim will blow the audience in Taiwan away. In addition, “Wang’s Family”, “You Are The Best”, “The Scandal”, and “Two Women’s Room”, which are all very popular in Korea, will also broadcast soon. To offer more selections to the audience, there will be more excellent dramas from Asia to broadcast as well as finely selected Mainland Chinese dramas, and fast-paced Thai dramas.

Videoland Max-TV Channel

Genre of programs: Recreational Sports Programs, Chinese Dramas, Domestic and Foreign Blockbuster Hits.

Videoland Western Movie Channel was launched on January 1st, 2004. Officially renamed as Videoland Max-TV Channel on June 10th, 2005, the channel has since then been transformed to a multiple genre channel. Along with broadcasting quality Mainland Chinese dramas, it also now includes sports and recreational related programs such as World Wrestling Entertainment. These broadcasts establish a channel that is both educational and entertaining.

Ever since its launch, the Mainland Chinese dramas featured in ¡§Night Time Highlights¡¨ have been well received among viewers. The classic TV series ¡§All Men Are Brothers¡¨, aired in 2011, set positive records and responses among viewers. In 2012, the newly created ¡§Three Kingdoms¡¨ has also become an instant sensation. Others shows broadcasted such as ¡§Journey to the West¡¨, and new historical dramas such as ¡§Legend of Chu and Han¡¨ and ¡§The Orphan of Zhao¡¨ have all gathered vast popularity among Taiwanese viewers. Through these successes, the channel holds the leading and dominating edge of nighttime TV dramas.

Remarkably, since the 2008 launch of Videoland Max-TV, the market has consistently responded positively towards the entertainment information programs. These programs include: ¡§Secret Files from China¡¨, which attempts to explain various folk legends from a scientific perspective, and ¡§RMB Mind¡¨, an in-depth narrative of the incredible success stories of Mainland Chinese corporations with regards to their rise to fame and glory. Furthermore, Videoland Max-TV have also exclusively broadcasted the well-credited documentary called ¡§A Bite of China¡¨ and ¡§The Forbidden City 100¡¨¡Xboth of which received generally positive feedback from local viewers. By allowing Taiwanese viewers to gather information about Mainland China, these programs have become an integral platform in learning more.

In order to expand the viewers from young generation, the channel not only plans to broadcast the finest selections of Mainland Chinese dramas, critically acclaimed motion pictures and popular TV series but also features more sporting event telecasts and recreational/ entertaining programs that are both educational and enjoyable to watch. In the future, this will ensure an increase of diversified contents and, in turn, broaden the horizon of viewers for Videoland Max-TV.

Videoland Roar Channel

Genre of programs: Entertainment Shows, Popular Dramas, Sporting Events, Commercial Films and Prize Winning Motion Pictures.

Videoland Roar Channel was the first HD cable channel in Taiwan that was launched in June, 2009, with high resolution, delicate color and 16:9 ratios, which matches human visual sense better than the resolution of standard-definition television; Videoland Roar Channel brings viewers a whole new visual experience.

Videoland Roar Channel is an all-in-one channel that broadcasted programs including CPBL baseball games that aired by HD channel team, IBAF games, Asia Series baseball games, well-noticed adult baseball league games, HBL games that supported by young students, Senior League baseball games, HVL games, Pool Billiard Championship, renowned Amway eSpring Women¡¦s World 9-Ball Open, etc. Apart from sports events, Videoland Roar Channel also presents high definition dramas that provide the audiences a whole new viewing experience.

Videoland Roar Channel also offers HD variety programs like ¡§Women Talk Things Heart to Heart¡¨ hosted by Matilda Tao. Videoland Roar Channel aims to bring the viewers a series of HD entertainments throng its diversity offerings.

Sales Department

Established in 1997, the Sales Department consists of three working centers: Sales Center, Editing Center, and Marketing Center¡Xall of which are responsible for clients¡¦ promotional projects.

During the spam of 2010, Videoland Television Network exclusively broadcasted the 16th annual Guangzhou Asian Games. The Sales Department specifically planned ¡§GO!GO!GO! Party for Baseball in Asian Games¡¨ for Taipei City Government, Sports Affairs Council, Executive Yuan, and commercial client P&G. At the same time, the Sales Department also collaborated with China Trust Bank to hold the ¡§Gold Metal, Gold Bonus ¡VChina Trust Bank Credit Card Double Bonus Campaign¡¨. By linking the government with commercial clients, both events successfully brought awareness to the baseball games.

In 2011, Videoland Japanese Channel collaborated with the Tourism Bureau of Japan such as ¡§Shiga Prefecture¡¨ and ¡§Okinawa Prefecture¡¨ to establish promotional tourist packages after popular Japanese dramas broadcasted in Taiwan.

In 2013, to match the smart phone era, the Sales Department sponsored the program ¡§Game GX¡¨ and co-produced ¡§Battle Combination¡¨, bringing profits to both sides.

In March, while the broadcast of WBC series set the highest review rating in Taiwan television history, the Sales Department also set a high record of their own by obtaining over 30 sponsorships for this program alone. Those sponsorships included enterprises and products such as Aquarius, SONY Mobile, Otali, Continental Corporation, Chai Li Won (Uni-President), SYM, Sunshine Golden Soy Milk (Uni-President), Hotai Leasing Corporation, Taroko Sports, Toyota Motor Corporation, and so forth.

In addition, the Sales Department has been creating exclusive promotion projects for Amway Taiwan Corporation such as the beautiful pool game ¡V ¡§Amway eSpring Women¡¦s World 9-Ball Open¡¨¡Xfor 17 years in a row. Once again, the Sales Department not only met the expectation, but also elevated the client¡¦s brand images successfully.

The Korean soap opera "My Love from the Star" was well known before being introduced to Taiwan. Its broadcast in 2014 not only attracted much attention of clients for marketing campaigns, but also introduced seven different projects with an involvement of fourteen clients in total.

Starting from 2005, aside from doing advertisement projects for Videoland Television Network, the Integrated Marketing Services took a step further by providing services for promotional projects of government offices after being recognized for its integral and firm services.

Projects centered on athleticism include: 2013 "National Athletic Promotional Short Films Media Project" by Taipei City, 2014 "National Secondary School Athletic Media and Multi-marketing Purchasing Project" by Tao-Yuen City, 2014 "Athletic Lottery Promotion Project", "2017 World University Athletic Games" by Taipei City, and so forth. “Prevent High Blood Pressure Project” hosted by Bureau of Health. Using APP services and trendy cloud technology, the Sales Department created a fresh look of the policy, and received positive feedback from the client. “Tourism Bureau of New Taipei City—New Taipei City Oldham Bamboo Shoot Promotion Event” and “Tourism Bureau — Taiwan Bicycle Promotion Event”. Highly skilled in social event coordination and news issues operation, the Sales Department successfully executed both campaigns for 2 consecutive years. The Sales Department stands at the front line of customer service. By confronting the change and impact of digital era, the Sales Department aims to synchronize with the current market, and provide the best service of creativity and innovation continuously.